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The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) focuses on understanding the rise of ‘authoritarian populism’ in rural settings across the world, as well as the forms of resistance occurring and the alternatives being built.

Researchers, activists and students have gathered at the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Competition Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) for a two day colloquium to discuss challenges facing the South African and African food system.

Land has moved to the centre of political discourse in recent months. At the same time, allegations of state capture by the Gupta family have created a storm of controversy and placed the presidency under immense pressure.

BICAS International Conference New Extractivism, Peasantries and Social Dynamics: Critical Perspectives and Debates

Fourth conference, Moscow, 13-16 October 2017

Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but often dispossessing people and exploiting workers. Now, after several decades of independence, and with investor interest growing, African governments are once again promoting large plantations and estates.