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The tide of history flowed on a farm in Msinga on the Monday before Human Rights Day, lifting the spirits of the people of Ncunjane as they took possession of a title deed that stated incontrovertibly that the future was now theirs. “Broken-hearted people,” said one speaker at the ceremony, “have reason to rejoice”.

“Financial inclusion” has hit the headlines in South Africa in the wake of a scandal over the distribution of social grants.

In his SONA speech last week, President Zuma said it would be “difficult, if not impossible” for reconciliation to be accomplished until land ownership in South Africa has been resolved. He announced during his address that he had sent the Expropriation Act back to Parliament in order to pursue land reform and redistribution lawfully.

In Mozambique and many other African countries, the Great Land Grab has produced little but headlines and local opposition. In part because of that fierce resistance, mega-deal after mega-deal has collapsed (see an earlier report here).