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Land Redistribution Conference, 4-5 Feb 2019

Venue: School of Public Health, UWC
Date: 4 Feb 2019 to 5 Feb 2019
Time: 9:00 to 17:00

A two-day national conversation on:

Resolving the Land Question:  Land redistribution for equitable access to land in South Africa

What are the objectives of this event? 

To stimulate informed discussion and debate on different policy options and models for land redistribution in rural South Africa
To clarify the trade-offs involved in policy making and the costs and benefits of different choices
To develop a range of indicators of the outcomes of different land redistribution models
To feed ideas about different policy options into official policy making processes

Who will be invited to participate?

Officials from the Presidency, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform other key departments in government
Representatives of political parties who are responsible for land policy
Representatives of civil society organisations and social movements focused on land issues, specifically leaders of rural communities
Representatives of rural communities
Representatives of private sector organisations
Academics and researchers
Journalists across different media, including radio, television, print and online