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Fees and Bursaries


Estimated course fees ranges from R26 000 to R30 000 for students from South Africa and Southern African Development Community countries.  

International students are required to pay the full tuition fees upfront in order to register ranging from R 65 000 to R 75 000.

Students must cover their own photocopying, travel and accommodation costs. Where course readers are provided, students will be expected to cover these costs.  

Applicants may approach Ms Dorothy Abrahams at Student Accounts on or +27 21 959 2154/3110/3108 for official quotations. 



The Belgian government has been funding the students through the representation of the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) since 2005 for tuition fees, travel and subsistence costs and fieldwork costs. With the support of the Belgian government, PLAAS is able to achieve its training and scholarship objectives as stated in our mission and vision statements. These bursaries have made a tremendous contribution to the study of land and agrarian issues in Africa through supporting these students in their studies.


The funding has supported the studies of a range of students who are actively involved in government, local and international development organisations and civil society organisations focusing on land issues. The programme would like to thank the Belgian government and the representatives of the BTC for their continuous and invaluable support to our students and to the programme.


Bursaries may be available (South African applicants only).