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by PLAAS in 2017

The Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) at the University of the Western Cape engages in research, post-graduate teaching and supervision, short-course training and policy advocacy in relation to land, agriculture, food systems, natural resources management, social...

by Agrarian Change Working Group in 2016

IIPPE 7th International Conference in Political Economy

‘Political Economy: International Trends and National Differences’

School of Economics &...

by International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in 2015

The convergence of multiple crises – food, energy, environmental, climate change and finance – in combination with the rise of important global political economic players – BRICS and middle-income countries (MICs) – has triggered profound agrarian and environmental...

by Elizabeth Harrison in 2014

“How are natural resource management projects in southern Africa involving local communities?”
“What are the roles of communities in natural resource management in southern Africa?”
“Where are communities in natural resource management/projects in...

by Collective Action & Property Rights News in 2014

The International Association for the Study of the Commons is meeting in Edmonton, Canada - May 25-29, 2015. This Conference (IASC 2015) aims to attract scholars, practitioners and policy makers from a variety of cultures, disciplines, geographies and socio-political contexts to share their...