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Smallholder farming and irrigation

by News24 in 2018

24 August, 12:23 PM

"I think that the agricultural industry does not fully appreciate the significance of the scale issue."

These were the sobering words of Professor Ben Cousins, the University of the Western Cape's Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies chairperson.


by Refiloe Joala in 2018

After six decades of policy experimentation, and efforts to promote economic diversification and reduce the country’s over-reliance on copper mining, Zambia has failed to fully capitalise on the country’s agricultural potential (Neubert et al 2011). Endowed with agricultural land which accounts...

by Amelia Genis in 2018

Rural employment is a key policy issue in South Africa, yet the National Development Plan (NDP) of 2012 suggests that one million jobs can be created in agricultural production, processing and related activities. The plan suggests that more jobs can be created by increased investment in water...

by Bulisani Lloyd Ncube in 2018

This article focuses on the socio-economic differentiation of smallholder farmers in New Forest Irrigation Scheme. Smallholder irrigation schemes are seen as a way of alleviating poverty and contributing to economic growth. Although smallholders are lumped together as a homogenous group, the...

by Ruth Hall in 2018

What is the transformative potential that emerges from these struggles around land?

Just a month ago, Jacob Zuma was president of South Africa. An authoritarian patriarch implicated in large-scale corruption, he had for years effectively rallied political support by invoking populist...