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by Helen Dancer, Dzodzi Tsikata in 2015

This paper offers critical reflections on the concepts, issues and methods that are important for integrating a gender perspective into mainstream research and policy-making on land and agricultural commercialisation in Africa. It forms part of the Land and Agricultural Commercialisation in...

Namibia Policy Brief 42
by Theodor Muduva, Legal Assistance Centre in 2015

This policy brief describes a long-standing grazing dispute in Western Kavango Region in northern Namibia that provides critical lessons on the challenges that people living in communal areas face to secure their land rights. In this case, several large livestock owners illegally enclosed...

Policy Brief 41 Zambia
by Jessica Chu, Kathleen Young , Dimuna Phiri, Zambia Land Alliance in 2015

Zambia is currently experiencing a rise in land-based investments by local and foreign investors.These take the form of large-scale and long-term leases and concessions on customary and statutory land for commercial ventures in agriculture and mining, as well as in infrastructure,...

Policy Brief 40 Malawi
by Joseph Gausi, Emmanuel Mlaka, LandNet Malawi in 2015

Over the past decade, rural Malawians have witnessed a surge in large-scale land acquisitions for commercial agriculture that threaten their access, control and ownership of customary land. This policy brief presents cases of such ‘land grabs’ related to the expansion of out-grower schemes in...

Policy Brief 39 Namibia
by PLAAS, Theodor Muduva, Legal Assistance Centre in 2015

Namibia is one of the few African countries with a progressive legal and institutional framework governing natural resources and land. The Communal Land Reform Act (Act No. 5, 2002) defines the roles and responsibilities of the actors involved. However, members of the rural communities often...