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by Ruth Hall in 2014

Looking back at the century since the promulgation of the Natives Land Act, it could be argued that it shaped the trajectories of most South Africans' lives. It expelled black people from the land into crowded reserves and formed the cornerstone of the migrant labour system through which...

PLAAS Working Paper 30
by Emmanuel Kodzo-Bediaku Ntumy in 2014

This paper aims to understand the political and legal dynamics involved in aspects of local government in Botswana as exemplified by legislative enactments. Mawhood (1985) suggests that such structures are charged with specific functions, for which specific scopes of authority are conferred. The...

by PLAAS and Centre for Law&Society in 2014

The attached position papers were written by researchers based at the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), University of the Western Cape, and at the Centre for Law and Society, University of Cape Town. They were distributed to the 2000 people who attended government’s...

by Mafa Hara in 2014

The reasons why most small-rights holders do not participate in management of the fishery for small pelagic fish (‘small pelagics’) in South Africa, despite legislation and policy encouraging their participation, were analysed. Membership of the Small Pelagics Management Working Group (SPMWG),...

South African Network on Inequality Factsheet
by Andries du Toit, Lesego Loate in 2014

This fact sheet argues that dealing with food and nutritional insecurity in South Africa will require measures that go well beyond increasing food production and educating consumers. While Big Food delivers cheap food to the urban and rural poor, it also delivers ill health. Concerted action...