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WP 34
by Nicole Claasen , Marinka van der Hoeven, Namukolo Covic in 2016

The aim of this paper was to review existing research and policies related to food environments so as to identify research gaps towards a research agenda for the new Centre of Excellence in Food Security.
Food environments influence food choices and nutritional status. Significant changes...

by Chrispin Radoka Matenga, Munguzwe Hichaambwa in 2016

Zambia needs to undergo structural transformation triggered by increased agricultural and rural labour productivity if it is to achieve improved growth and broad-based poverty reduction. The current experience, however, is far from the radical change needed in order to achieve this. Zambia’s...

by Joseph Awetori Yaro, Joseph Kofi Teye , Gertrude Dzifa Torvikey in 2016

There has been a sustained push for agricultural commercialisation in developing countries. In Africa, this has been pursued in different ways over time. During the colonial era, most governments believed that plantations were the best model for bringing about rapid modernisation of agriculture...

FAC Working Paper 136
by Vera Rocca in 2016

This paper presents a case study of farmers’ recent transition from growing traditional crops to cultivating sugarcane under a contract farming arrangement in Magobbo, Zambia. Responding to the need for a greater understanding of how the expansion of large-scale commercial agriculture impacts...

Working Paper 33
by Gareth Haysom in 2016

Food security remains a persistent global challenge. Inequality means that food insecurity is disproportionately experienced. Despite positive shifts in the state of food security at a global scale, recent reports from the Food and Agricultural Organisation suggest that in Africa the total...