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Policy Brief 45
by Andries du Toit in 2016

Research conducted by PLAAS indicates that agricultural development can indeed stimulate local non-farm job creation – but the links are neither simple nor direct. While access by farmers to lucrative global markets or national markets can stimulate the local economy, much depends on the...

by Ruth Hall, PLAAS in 2016

We welcome the initiative to amend ESTA, in view of the widespread violations of this law, as well as loopholes in its procedural requirements and weak framing of substantive rights. However, as we will explain, we disagree that the Bill in its current form lives up to the promise of...

Zimbabwe policy brief 43
by Prosper B. Matondi, Clemence T. Nhlizivo in 2015

Zimbabwe’s fast-track land reform from 2000 onward yielded significant land transfers, but led the country to face debilitating production challenges and lack of investment in agriculture. Since then, Zimbabwe has not crafted a land policy, and depends on a raft of existing land laws (such as...

RR52 Malawi cover
by Phillan Zamchiya , Joseph Gausi in 2015

This study investigates the processes and impact of commercialisation of land in Malawi – specifically the acquisition of huge tracts of communal lands by foreign companies and local elites for sugarcane production in Nkhotakota and Chikwawa districts. The main finding was that ‘land grabbing’...