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by Scott Drimie in 2016

In order to create credibility and sustainability between policies, to avoid political confusion and to reassure “investor confidence”, a clear agri-food policy package needs to be in place. To achieve this, policy packages should be constructed to give coherence, with an explicit goal and set...

Working Paper 38
by Florian Kroll in 2016

The availability and accessibility of food is constrained by the environments where people live, work and purchase goods, and the pathways which they use to traverse these. This recognition has given rise to innovative conceptual frameworks including “food environments” and “food deserts”. These...

by Cyriaque Hakizimana in 2016

Young people are a growing proportion of Africa’s population and most live in poverty in rural areas. Despite urbanisation, in absolute numbers the rural youth are growing and agricultural development needs to prioritise opportunities for them to create land-based livelihoods.

by Paul Goldsmith in 2016

This study investigated the impacts of three models of commercial agriculture on economic development and rural livelihoods in an area dominated by small-scale producers. The research in general points to a relationship between the value of production under the different models and the...

by Cyriaque Hakizimana in 2016

The study was carried out in Kenya’s Meru County and examined three agricultural farming models: outgrowers, medium-scale commercial farms and a plantation. This was part of the ‘Land and Agricultural Commercialisation in Africa’ research project conducted in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. The...