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 The biofuels boom and bust in Africa
by Emmanuel Sulle in 2014

Policies promoting biofuels development through financial incentives in Europe and in the United States of America are major drivers of the ‘land rush’ in many African countries. Yet, we know that most of the first projects have not achieved their intended objectives on the ground. Amidst these...

by Ruth Hall in 2015

In this presentation, Ruth Hall argues that the neo-liberal state is moving towards the convergence of state resources, private capital and traditional authority. Land reform sees increasing elite capture of shrinking state resources – dangerous combination in context of escalating political...

by Fiona Nunana, Mafaniso Hara, Paul Onyango in 2015

Institutions matter within natural resource management. While there are many examples of analyses of the nature and influence of institutions within fisheries, there are fewer examples of how institutions inform the practice and outcomes of co-management. This article reports on analysis of...

by Michael Noble, Wanga Zembe in 2015

This presentation covers the main findings of the Multiple Deprivation analysis based on the 2011 South African Census. The presentation shows where the worst deprivation is occuring in South Africa, and how closely this maps to the former homelands - particularly the Ciskei and Transkei, but...

by Ben Cousins, Cherryl Walker (eds) in 2015

Land reform is once again under the spotlight. Amidst calls by some politicians for confiscating land from white farmers without compensation, others claim that the land redistributed to black owners is not being productively farmed. The debate is dangerously polarised, the stakes high.