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Evaluating land & agrarian reform

by Steven Lawry, Cyrus Samii, Ruth Hall, Aaron Leopold, Donna Hornby, Farai Mtero in 2017

Land property rights interventions increase investment, agricultural productivity and farmer incomes in Latin America and Asia but have weaker effects in Africa. Farmers who have secure land rights can invest in long-term improvements to their farms without worrying that their land will be...

ELARSA 10 cover
by Hall R, Jacobs P, Lahiff E in 2003

This report presents a summary and discussion of the research findings of investigations undertaken as part of the ‘Evaluating Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa’ research programme. It is the last of ten reports in the ‘Evaluating land and agrarian reform in South Africa’ series. Please...

ELARSA 8 cover
by Ainslie A, Andrew M, Shackleton C in 2003

This paper addresses how land reform can contribute to enhancing land-based livelihoods. South African agriculture is often characterised as being divided into two types: freehold tenure/ commercial agriculture vs. communal tenure/ subsistence agriculture. Subsistence uses of land are generally...

ELARSA 7 cover
by Mayson D in 2003

Joint ventures (JVs) are an increasingly common feature of the process of land and agrarian reform in South Africa. They involve black people who currently have land rights or who are land reform beneficiaries and will be receiving a government subsidy on the one hand, and white commercial...

ELARSA 6 cover
by Bannister S in 2003

This report shows that the Department of Land Affairs (DLA) is not providing sufficient land for settlement and that the Department of Housing (DoH) is not providing adequate housing in rural areas. Furthermore, it shows that other line departments and local government are not supplying the...