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Land reform & agrarian change

by Dewald Van Rensburg, City Press in 2017

South Africa’s increasingly business-orientated land reform programme has opened the door for “elite capture” with businesses – often white owned and multinational – becoming the real winners, while black “beneficiaries” languish without any formal rights to the land.

New research...

by Anstey S, Chirozva C, Rihoy E in 2007

This paper explores the on-going events surrounding the CAMPFIRE project of Mahenye in Zimbabwe within the context of the recent discourse of crisis within community based natural resource management (CBNRM) and crisis within the country itself. Despite Mahenye’s geographical isolation and small...

by Lahiff E in 2007

The concept of ‘market-based land reform’ has been central to the ‘new wave’ of land reform that has been in evidence internationally since the early 1990s. The introductory section of this paper focusses on the relatively recent emergence of MBLR internationally and how the concept has been...

by Gran T in 2006

This paper investigates how land politics and governance structures in the land state in South Africa have affected the contents and slow pace of land reform. Many have noticed a change of government focus or government rhetoric in land reform; this change is registered in government programmes...

by Claasens A in 2005

The paper argues that the consequences of colonial and apartheid misrepresentations and distortions of pre-existing systems of land rights were particularly disastrous for women. It looks at the two key issues raised by women during the parliamentary process. The first was that enhancing the...