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Research Reports

by Adetola Okunlola, Mnqobi Ngubane, Ben Cousins, Andries du Toit in 2016

This report represents one of the outputs of a research and social dialogue project undertaken over 18 months. It explores a number of private sector partnerships and projects launched in support of black farmers – some of them highly innovative, others of dubious merit. Hardly a week passes by...

RR52 Malawi cover
by Phillan Zamchiya , Joseph Gausi in 2015

This study investigates the processes and impact of commercialisation of land in Malawi – specifically the acquisition of huge tracts of communal lands by foreign companies and local elites for sugarcane production in Nkhotakota and Chikwawa districts. The main finding was that ‘land grabbing’...

Research Report 51 Zimbabwe
by Prosper Matondi , Clemence Nhliziyo in 2015

Zimbabwe’s investments in agriculture, after a contested Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP) underpinned by often violent land occupations (these were largely contained by the state by 2005), have triggered a debate on the meaning and import of ‘international land grabs’ (Matondi, 2015)....

RR50 Zambia
by Jessica Chu , Dimuna Phiri in 2015

Land in Zambia plays a vital role in sustaining livelihoods, ensuring food security and reducing poverty. If people are not able to access land (including communal interests, such as lands for grazing or access to water resources), they will be unable to secure rights over their land,...

RR 49 Namibia
by Maarit Thiem , Theodor Muduva in 2015

Large-scale land acquisitions by both foreign and local investors for agriculture, forestry and wildlife purposes, among others, remain a major challenge for African governments. In recent years, the Namibian government through various ministries received proposals from multinational...