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Working Papers

by Chikondi L. Manyungwa-Pasani, Mafaniso Hara, Sloans K. Chimatiro in 2017

This paper helps to fill an important gap that exists in gender responsive fish value chains by analysing the factors that influence women’s participation in fish value chains and value chain governance in Malawi. The study was based on the premise that there is limited information on how fish...

Working Paper 44
by Caroline Skinner, Gareth Haysom in 2016

This paper aims to review what is currently known about the role played by the informal sector in general and informal retailers in particular, in the accessibility of food in South Africa. The review seeks to identify policy relevant research gaps. Drawing on Statistics South Africa data, we...

Working Paper 42
by Oliver Schultz in 2016

This paper seeks to assess the state of knowledge in relation to the interrelated subjects of value chains, livelihoods, food systems, and regulatory dynamics in South Africa’s large- and small-scale fisheries. South Africa’s marine fisheries play an important role in sustaining the livelihoods...

Working Paper 41
by Margareet Visser in 2016

This state of the knowledge review sets out to identify the main research themes and findings in the literature on labour relations and conditions on Western Cape fruit farms over the past 20 years. The paper also compares if and how farmworker livelihoods have changed since the heyday of...

Working Paper 40
by Frances Davies in 2016

Little is known about how individual abilities and food security determinants - at the scale of everyday life - connect to formal and informal value chains, and broader urban structural systems in which daily processes are embedded. Structural inequalities in urban systems make it difficult to...