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Staff Directory


Prof Andries Du Toit, January 2012
Director and Professor
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3733
Prof Ben Cousins, September 2013
DST/NRF Chair in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies and Senior Professor
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3739
Assoc Prof Mafa Hara, January 2011
Deputy Director
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3772
Prof Moenieba Isaacs, May 2013
Senior Lecturer and Post-Graduate Programme Coordinator
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3721
Associate Prof Ruth Hall, January 2011
Associate Professor
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3959
Dr Barbara Tapela, September 2013
Senior Researcher
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3730
David Neves, January 2011
Senior Researcher
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3735
Lesego Loate, September 2013
Researcher: Policy Engagement
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3763
Cyriaque Hakizimana, May 2012
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3735
Emmanuel Sulle, May 2013
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3750
Alex Dubb
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3733
Bukiwe Ntwana
Research Intern
Tel: +27-21-9593733

Admin and Support Staff

Ursula Arends, March 2011
Administrative Manager
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3785
Information and Communications Officer
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3731
Gillian Kerchhoff, May 2013
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3719
Tersia Warries, February 2011
Senior Administrator: Events Management
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3726
Carla Henry, March 2011
Senior Administrator: Postgraduate Programme
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3727
Faith Qeja, September 2011
Senior Finance Officer
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-9279
Donovan Delpaul, 2011
Senior Finance Officer
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3738
Joy van Dieman, May 2012
Administrative Officer
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3754
Bangi Malama, May 2012
Administrative Officer
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3733
Programme Administrator
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3729
Senior Student Assistant
Tel: +27-(0)21-959-3733