Agrarian Conversations Webinars

The SA Research Chair in Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies is a partner in launching the Agrarian Conversations webinar series.

About the webinar series

The Agrarian Conversations webinar series is a collective initiative of CASAS, TNI, PLAAS, ICAS, YARA, ERPI, PASTRES, RRUSHES-5, and the Journal of Peasant Studies. It aims to address strategic and urgent issues in and in relation to the rural world today.

It is located in the interdisciplinary field of critical agrarian studies, pursues a progressive pluralist tradition in scholar-activism, and committed to diversity. It is internationalist in orientation, with a significant perspective and representation from the Global South.

Despite logistical challenges, the organizers will aspire to run each each episode in multiple languages, and the combination of language will vary depending on the theme. The format is conversational: a brief input from the main speaker, brief intervention from a panel of discussants, and the rest of the time is open plenary (Q&A) discussion. A background paper will be provided in advance to help facilitate a conversational format. All episodes will be recorded and will be uploaded on YouTube.


If you have queries, please feel free to contact any of co-organisers:

TNI – Katie Sandwell (c.sandwell[@] or Jenny Franco (jennycfranco[@]
CASAS – Tania Martinez (tania.e.martinez.cruz[@]
PLAAS – Ruth Hall (rhall[@]
YARA – Cyriaque Hakizimana (chakizimana[@]
ICAS – Sergio Coronado (sergioandrescoronado[@]
ERPI -Natacha Bruna (natachabruna89[@]
PASTRES – Ian Scoones (I.Scoones[@]
RRUSHES-5 – Tsegaye Moreda (tsegayemoreda[@]
Journal of Peasant Studies – Annie Shattuck (annieshattuck[@] or Jun Borras (junborras5[@]


Cross-pollinating pastoral studies with wider agrarian questions

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Linda Pappagallo How can we transcend fixed and imprinted imageries and open possibilities of innovation in agrarian struggles? Agrarian conversations typically center around land rights, food sovereignty and everyday interactions with neoliberal pressures. These conversations might make you think of farmers ploughing land and uniting for agrarian struggles, as is currently happening in India. We may be aware that the…

Webinar Series: Agrarian Conversations

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Agrarian Conversations Webinar: Wednesday 27 January 2021 at 14:00 CAT The Agrarian Conversations series aims to address strategic and urgent issues in and in relation to the rural world today. Pastoralists are some of the most marginalised people on the planet, but they have much to teach us all. Pastoralists make a living from livestock on extensive dry and montane…

The Journal of Peasant Studies background paper for the first webinar in this series is available through this link.
Pastoralists and peasants: Perspectives on agrarian change by Ian Scoones