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Ben Cousins: Land debate in South Africa is clouded by misrepresentation and lack of data

South Africa’s parliament has passed a resolution to amend the constitution and allow expropriation without compensation. The decision has generated a storm of gigantic proportions as political parties, citizens, white farmers and commentators anticipate either the moment of salvation (‘real land reform at last!’) or disaster (‘the collapse of the market economy!’). Sadly, few contributions to the public debate are informed by…
Sam Salient
March 8, 2018

Why government is failing to achieve land reform

The Constitution mandates a land reform process to provide equitable access to land (S25(5)), security of tenure (S25(6)) and restitution (S25(7)). No provisions of the ‘property clause’ may impede the state from taking measures to achieve these commitments. Overall, it is evident that apartheid patterns of land ownership remain largely intact, despite more than two decades of land reform. It…
Sam Salient
February 20, 2018

Ian Scoones: Settling the land compensation issue is vital for Zimbabwe’s economy

Ian Scoones, University of Sussex In his inaugural address the new President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, confirmed that land reform was both historically necessary and irreversible. He also made a commitment to compensate farmers who were forced off their land during the fast track land reform programme of the 2000s. Many international commentators read this as a sign of a more inclusive stance that could benefit…
January 18, 2018