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Kara Mackay

Kara Mackay


Kara Mackay is an economist, researcher, and activist. As an economist, she dreams of a society underpinned by cooperation, abundance, and love. In 2019 she completed her PhD from the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria.  The thesis entitled, “The educational journeys of female farm activists in the Western Cape, South Africa” documented the education process that engendered activism among female farm activists who participated in the non-formal, popular education program of Women on Farms Project. 

She then returned to Women on Farms Project as the Coordinator for the “Feminist Reparation Campaign” demanding a wealth tax on the richest 1% of South Africans (2020).  She has also worked for the  Human Science Research Council’s Education’s Skills Development Unit (2012) and was a Lecturer and Course-convener within the Department of Economics at the University of the Western Cape (2007 – 2010).  she has been involved in activist-driven process since 2001.